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im back

2008-04-04 13:35:29 by 0igor0

i got back to newgrounds,coz i got flash cs3 and i will make more and more useless stuff and maybe even a game who knows ^^

so.... erm...... im back!!!! :)


2007-11-08 13:26:44 by 0igor0

i dont think that i will make flash movies ever again. my flash8 is screwed and i cant fix it....... ok thats all 4 now....

First Submition Ever

2007-09-04 14:01:00 by 0igor0

Hay all!! as i was saying ill upload a movie to NG soon it will be called "5 stupid madness moments"!!
a tribute to the original madness combat movies.
the movie is actually a bunch of madness shorts that i have made on summer break (from all of the boredomness i guess) put together.
it will be ready soon.

(this screenshot is from one of the movies)

First Submition Ever